IT´S SHOWTIME Edition 56

12.05.2012  SATURDAY
Kick Boxing -85 Kg
Cheick Sidibe   vs.   Jason Wilnis
by points
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Daniel Ghita   vs.   Brian Douwes
by left hook KO Rround 2
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Rustemi Kreshnik   vs.   Michael Duut
by 3 knockdowns TKO
Kick Boxing -85 Kg
Sahak Parparyanvs   vs.   Andrew Tate
by points
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Sergei Lashchenko   vs.   Salah Edine Kandoussi
by left hook KO Round 1
Kick Boxing -73 Kg
Sonny Dagraed   vs.   Eric Denis
by points

PRESS RELEASE (08.05.2012): Countdown to IT’S SHOWTIME 56: spectacular world title fight.
Coming Saturday, May 12, marks the day of one of the most controversial IT’S SHOWTIME world title fights ever, as ‘Siam Gym Belgium presents IT’S SHOWTIME 56’ in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The reigning IT’S SHOWTIME world champion 85kg max, Sahak ‘Hak’ Parparyan from Armenia, will defend his title against the challenger from the USA, Andrew Tate.
Tate is not one to be shy on his IT’S SHOWTIME debut, as he suggested to bet Parparyan for € 1000. The tough Armenian showed his determination and even wants to raise the bet to € 5000! Tate, while introducing himself in a self-recorded video, responded in that same video, telling the current champion “you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into” .
The complete video of Andrew Tate and it looks like kickboxing fans get to meet a fighter who knows how to talk the talk, but the inevitable question is: can he walk the walk? Please look PRESS RELEASE (06.05.2012) at the bottom.
It will be a champion-versus-champion fight, as Tate is an ISKA world champion. “He should be happy if he survives 5 rounds with me. And if he does, he needs a visit to the hospital and he’ll have to eat through a straw. Also, after he fights me, he won’t be able to walk for a while,” so said Parparyan.
Tate has scored many victories by (T)KO, but ‘Hak’ is not easily impressed: “Andrew Tate fought nothing but cans. This time he will find out the difference between fighting a champion and fighting a pipsqueak.”
It promises to be a very intense staredown at the weigh-ins on Friday and an action-packed fight on Saturday!
Also starring on the fight card is the current IT’S SHOWTIME world heavyweight champion Daniel Ghita. The Romanian who impressively knocked out Hesdy Gerges, something even Badr “GOLDEN BOY” Hari couldn’t accomplish, will take on Brian Douwes. While Douwes may not be the most well-known kickboxer, he is a tough guy and not afraid of a challenge, proven by the fact that he steps in for dropout Sebastien van Thielen on short notice against a dangerous man like Ghita.
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PRESS RELEASE (06.05.2012)
Andrew Tate: „Hak, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.“
American kickboxer Andrew Tate will challenge Sahak Parparyan for the IT’S SHOWTIME world title 85kg max at Siam Gym Belgium presents IT’S SHOWTIME 56 on 12.05.2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium.
We sent Tate some questions, to which he responds in a self-recorded video. Tate gives his view on the fight, betting with opponents and more. Tate wanted to bet Parparyan for € 1000. The reigning champion even wants to bet for € 5000. Tate’s reaction is in the video.



We zijn erin geslaagd om het grootste kickboxing evenement ter wereld voor het eerst in de geschiedenis naar onze streek te brengen!! De datum staat vast op Zaterdag 12 mei!
Op dit gala zullen de beste vechters ter wereld aantreden alsook enkele lokale athleten!
Op deze editie zullen we de eer hebben om Daniel Ghita te laten aantreden! Ghita is de huidige wereldkampioen bij de
zwaargewichten en is topfavoriet om dit jaar het K-1 tornooi te winnen in Japan!
Ghita heeft ook het wereldrecord op zak van snelste winst op een K-1 tornooi!! Hij versloeg 3 tegenstanders in 5min 15sec!! Het vorige record stond op naam van Peter Aerts die het klaarspeelde op 6min 43 sec.
In In het hoofdprogramma zullen 6 wedstrijden plaastvinden met professionele athleten uit maar liefst 10 verschillende landen,
Ook zal de wereldtitel uitgevochten worden in de klasse „85 kg
Dit alles zal aangevuld worden met wedstrijden van absolute wereldklasse en een ongeziene spectaculaire show!!
Info :
Normal Tickets : 35€
Ringseats : 100€ (information about oder under +32 (0) 496 262 742 /
International presale : Mr. Luc Janssen: +32 (0) 475/55.91.48
Local presale (regio Kortrijk)/ ringseats : Mr. Derijcke Bruno : +32 (0) 496/26.27.42
Siam Gym & Funkafee : Theofiel Toyeplein 6, 8550 Zwevegem
Swim Gym : Bekaertstraat 4 , 8550 Zwevegem
Sportline Roeselare : Koestraat 181 8800 Roeselare
Doors open: 16:30 p.m.
Start event : 18:00 p.m.
Adress: Evenementenhal „De Schelp“ , Menenstraat 122, bus 2, 8560 Wevelgem, Belgium
Don’t miss this beautiful event! It would be a shame.
TEXT SOURCE: 06.05.2012 from Facebook Siam Gym presents : IT’S SHOWTIME 56 – KORTRIJK