Supremacy Rising

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13.10.2012 SATURDAY



     START:              5 P.M.

     ENDE:               22 P.M.

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she will fight with Jenny Krigsman (SWE)


Supremacy Rising will be one of the most exclusive and spectacular kickboxing events ever organized in Sweden. The evening offers three-course dining and a full bar under the chandeliers of Berns.

in Stockholm while enjoying some of the world’s finests fighters flown in from all over the world. The event is historical as it will present several international title fights for the first time ever on Swedish soil.

Weigh-in and press conference
Friday 12.10.2012 at 6 p.m.

The official weigh-in will be conducted on October 12 at 18.00 CEST. Location of the weigh-in is at the official fighter hotel Scandic Anglais, located at Stureplan in the city centre of Stockholm. The weigh-in is accompanied by an open press conference at which all press passes will be handed out to the granted press for the main gala.

The weigh-in and press conference is also open to the public.

Saturday 13.10.2012 start at 5 p.m.

The venue for the event is the classic quarters of Berns, located at Berzelii Park in the heart of Stockholm. Berns is renowned for its explicit food, its warm atmosphere and for being a monument in Stockholm since the mid nineteen hundreds. As a change from being the centre of fashion weeks, film festivals and other glamorous events, this evening Berns will be visited by Supremacy League and some of the best fighters in the world. Some important times to keep in mind:
    • 16:30: Cue begins
    • 17:00: Doors open
    • 17:30: Fight start
    • 22:00: End of show
Official after party
Saturday 13.10.2012 start at 10 p.m.
The Supremacy after party will begin as soon as the last fight of the gala has ended, which will be at approximately 22:00. The official after party will take place at Pure Stockholm and continue until 03.00 AM. If you wish to reserve your own drink table at the Supremacy After Party we recommend that you mail to beforehand. We are looking forward to seeing many of the gala’s fighters during the night, so don’t miss the chance to mingle. Keep your Supremacy League ticket and show it at the door to be granted free access to the after party.
Tickets are available in four different forms depending on your class requirements, standing, stalls, ringside or VIP:
•  Standing. Stand up seats are located at the balconies right above the boxing ring with dedicated mobile bars at each balcony. Stand up seats are SEK 595:- including free access to the after party.
•  Stalls. Stall seats are available for anyone who does not require the seats closest to the ring. These are located right behind the ringside seats with close access to bar and a bar menu. Stall seats are SEK 795:- for the whole show including free access to the after party.
•  Ringside. Ringside seats are the seats just by the ring. Do you wish to have the closest view possible for the fights, these are the seats for you. Ringside seats are SEK 1.295:- for the whole show including free access to the after party.
•  VIP seats. These seats are somewhat extra spectacular since they are extra luxuriously located at the historic balconies of Berns and at the scene next to where the fighters enter. From the VIP seats you will be able to actually watch the event from above, giving you an extraordinary view of the event. These seats also comes with a three-course menu (starter/main course/dessert) with wine/beer. These are the seats for those who truly want to make something extra out of the evening. VIP seats are SEK 1.995:- for the whole show including food, drinks and free access to the after party.
Tickets are available via only. In case of spare seats these will be released at the door.
International K-1 pro prestige fight
1.  Jenny Krigsman (Sweden)  vs.  Mellony Geugjes (The Netherlands) Mike´s Gym
-54kg / K-1 / 3x3minute
Jenny Krigsman (Sweden) vs. Mellony Geugjes (The Netherlands)
Supremacy Titans Title tournament semi final 1
2.  Sebastian Mendez (Germany)  vs.  Akeem Sadiku (Nigeria)
-69,1kg / K-1 / 3x3minute
Sebastian Mendez (Germany)vs. Akeem Sadiku (Nigeria)
Supremacy Titans Title tournament semi final 2
3.   Jason Woodham (England)  vs.  Ricardo Gonzalez (Sweden)
-69,1kg / K-1 / 3x3minute
Jason Woodham (England) vs Ricardo Gonzalez (Sweden)
International K-1 pro prestige fight
4.  Abdou Karim Chorr (Sweden)  vs.  Siavash Dastvard (Iran)
-69,1g / K-1 / 3x3minute
Abdou Karim Chorr (Sweden) vs Siavash Dastvard (Iran)
International K-1 pro prestige fight
5.  Zina Djelassi (Sweden)  vs.  Charity Adebor (Nigeria)
-62g / K-1 / 3x3minute / Female
Zina Djelassi (Sweden) vs Charity Adebor (Nigeria)
International K-1 pro prestige fight
6.  André Bånghäll (Sweden)  vs.  Mostafa Mosadegh (Iran)
-81,4 / K-1 / 3x3minute
André Bånghäll (Sweden) vs Mostafa Mosadegh (Iran)
WKN K1 pro European title qualifier
7.  Nils Widlund (Sweden)  vs.  Alexander Arutyunyan (Sweden)
-64,5 / K-1 / 3x3minute
Nils Widlund (Sweden) vs Alexander Arutyunyan (Sweden)
8.  ???  vs.  ???  
-69,1 / K-1 / 3x3minute
??? vs. ???
WKN K-1 pro European Cruiserweight title
9.  Sadibou Sy (Sweden)  vs.  Corentin Jallon (France)
-88,5 / K-1 / 5x3minute
Sadibou Sy (Sweden) vs Corentin Jallon (France)
WKN K-1 pro European Super Cruiserweight title
10.  Tofan Pirani (Sweden)  vs.  Milan Dasic (Serbien)
-92,5 / K-1 / 5x3minute
 Tofan Pirani (Sweden) vs Milan Dasic (Serbien)