Bigger´s Better 13

06.07.2012 FRIDAY
EVENTMAKER: Bigger´s Better  Chris Christodoulou

GENERAL SPONSOR: United World Capital>



1/4 Final
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine)  vs.  Kamyl Malysz (Poland)

WIN by TKO Round 1 RSC


Panagiotis Diakos (Cyprus)  vs.  Adrian Lepadatescu (Romania)

WIN by point


Mairis Briedis (Latvia)  vs.  Louis Louison (Cyprus)

WIN by TKO Round 1


Robert Teuber (Germany)   vs.  Lee Kellett (England)

WIN by point


1/2 Final
Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine)  vs.  Panagiotis Diakos (Cyprus)

WIN by TKO Round 2 RSC


Mairis Briedis (Latvia)  vs.  Robert Teuber (Germany)

WIN by point


Mairis Briedis (Latvia)  vs.  Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine)

WIN by point after Round 4


Prestige fight
Evgenios Lazaridis (Greece)  vs.  Emmanuel Ababiao (Ghana)

WIN Round 4 towel threw in





Bigger´s Better prestige fight – 4×3 minute
Evgenios Lazaridis (Greece) vs. Emmanuel Ababiao (Ghana)

• Coordinators/ Mr. Bruno Wartelle (France)
• Supervisor / Mr. Emile Irimia (Romania)
• Referee/judges / Mr. Steve Smoger (USA) and Mr. Klaus Hagemann (Germany)

Boxing has been left out of the spotlight for quite some time now . New combat sports such as kickboxing and mma have drawn the attention of a younger crowd, one who is accustomed to fast pace action and instant gratification.

Since the heavy meddling of the alphabets boys and the creation, in the 60s,of an endless number of weight classes and champions, the public is confused and has come to be disillusioned with boxing.

It’s time to go back to the 1909 national London sporting club rule and to abide by the 1920 New York athletic commission like law.We are going back to the roots of boxing.

No more cruiserweight: but one division from light heavyweight to heavyweight.

Bigger´s Better is a one night tournament with a truly fast pace and which will induce a sense of immediate satisfaction, for both the spectator and the fighter. A video game-like experience with real riors.
An 8 men punch-fest with a $ 30 000 total prize money.

The night has one aim, finding out who is the baddest man. The 175 pound rior with speed, balls and tactical sense or the 250pounds giant with strength, power but no speed.