Athens vs. Melbourne all Stars

02.06.2012 SATURDAY
Melbourne / Australia / Australien
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Athens vs. Melbourne 02.06.2012 – Fearless Pride – Promotion video

Fearless Pride Promotions brings a world class kickboxing event to Melbounre.
will have a spectacular extravaganza combining international sports and music entertainment professionals. Comprising of seven world class Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights of the highest standard and special guest singer Petros Imvrios from Greece.
Proudly sponsored by i-Select this event showcases top sporting athletes from around the globe in an All Stars kickboxing battle. The magnificent Melbourne Pavilion will come alive on 02.06.2012. Doors will open at 18.30 pm with the show time starting at 19.00 pm.
Adding to Melbournes long list of world-class sporting events, this year will be see a new breed of martial arts events. On 02.06.2012 the face of from two brilliant teams,
Athens vs. Melbourne will feature superb sporting athletes which will step into the ring. Including two world champions alongside beloved Greek singer Petros Imvrios.
The most famous Kickboxer on the planet for more than two decades. Stan“THE MAN”Longinidis will be leading the seven top fighters from Melbourne and around the world, against the legendary Greek trainer George Mallios . They are both keen to take home the winning trophy of best team.
Stan „THE MAN“ Longinidis – Athens vs. Melbourne 02.06.2012 – Fearless Pride

The main event is for the globally recognised World Kickboxing Federation title in the under 78 kg division. This epic fight will be between the four times World champion from Greece Giannis “THE PSYCHO” Sofokleous and the finest combat athlete from Australia Eric “DIAMOND CUTTER” Diamantenstein.
In support of the main event a further six fights will feature superb sporting athletes including Melbourne favorite former three time world title holder Baris “WONDERKICKER”
Nezif and many more from around the globe.
In addition to all the fighting PETROS IMVRIOS will be singing and entertaining throughout the night. Petros Imvrios is a famous beloved Greek singer and musician in his first Australian appearance.
The fight card is shaping up to be a night to remember
Main Event
Greek hero and four times world champion Giannis “THE PSYCHO” Sofokleous is the captain of the Athens all stars team. He will take on Australian representative Eric “DIAMOND CUTTER” Diamantenstein for the World Kickboxing Federation world title at the -78 kg division in 5 X 3 Kick Boxing and K 1 rules.
Semi main event
Melbourne favorite welterweight fighter and three times world champion Baris “THE TURKISH WONDERKICK” Nezif representing Turkey is the captain of the Melbourne all stars team. He will be fighting Athens new talent Haris “MR. SOCK” Tountas for the World Kickboxing Federation Oceania title at the -78 kg division in 5 X 3 Modified Muay Thai rules.
Fight 1
Greek Kickboxing champion Alexandros “THE PROFESSOR” Chatzichronoglou current holder of the the battle the belts. Will face off with the South Pacific champion representing Papua New Guinea Mark Sondo at the 81kg division in 3 X 3 Modified Kick Boxing & K 1 rules.
Fight 2
The Muay Thai Greek champion Annis “MAD DOG” Dometiou with a record of 18 fights the challenger from Texas USA & WMF world champion Cyrus “THE BLACK DYNAMITE” Washington. In a strictly 5 X 3 Full Muay Thai rules at the -85kg division.
Fight 3
Boxing & Kickboxing female Greek champion Kallia “THE MANIATISSA” Kourouni will fight Boxing & Kick Boxing champion from Melbourne Emily Jans, for the -60.0 kg division in a Modified 3 X 3 Kick  Boxing battle.
Fight 4
Greek champion Nectarios Ouzounis will fight against another prestige challenger from France. The WMC Mediteranian Muay Thai champion Mickael Francoice at the 72 kg division in Modified 5 X 3 Thai Boxing rules.
Fight 5
The junior of the Athens Team Stelios “PRETY BOY” Papadopoulos will fight another talented boy from Melbourne Alexi “THE GREATA” Petroulias at the -67kg division in Modified 5 X 2 Kick Boxing & K 1 rules.
Cynthia „LADY DRAGON“ Rothrock – Athens vs. Melbourne 02.06.2012 – Fearless Pride

Don „THE DRAGON“ Wilson – Athens vs. Melbourne 02.06.2012 – Fearless Pride