10.06.2012 SUNDAY
Belfast / Ireland / Irland
EVENTMAKER: Prokick (Billy Murray)

As Northern Ireland  relived the wonderful 100 year-old story of Titanic, the greatest ship of them all, top Irish kickboxing stars added to the occasion with a spectacular Thai-Tanic event of their own. The ProKick Gym hosted a Sold-out Thai-Tanic event full of Titles at the Holiday Inn in Belfast on June 10. And the promise of a great event was lived up too. “ It was riveting, according to promoter and one of Ireland’s kickboxing king-pins Billy Murray. The Thai-Tanic event had everything a fight fan would want to see at an event. Great fights, great audience knock-outs and three new home-grown European Champions for Northern Ireland. Just real good well matched hard fought fights. Murray finished by saying, We showed the rest of the world that our fight talent here on this small Island is as good if not better than any other part of the world.

The Thai-Tanic event was supported by the Holiday Inn and sponsored by Schwarzkopf International.

Well it lived up to its name – Thai-Tanic. Great fights, Great event, and great audience and three new European Champions for Northern Ireland’s premier kickboxing school, ProKick.

The 10 fight bill had something for everyone, KO’s, knock-downs and stoppages. The Thai-Tanic event was supported by the Holiday Inn and sponsored by Schwarzkopf Internationall. There were 6 big titles on the line at the sold-out event. Four European and 2 British crowns were all contested for.  Not a bad night’s work!  Out of 5 title fights that ProKick fought, they took home 3 major crowns. It was a great night’s work and all the fighters should be proud of their achievements.
WKN European Amateur Oriental Rules Title
Gary Fullerton (ProKick NI) WIN by KO 4 round vs. Bo Desselbrine (The Netherlands – Amsterdam)
A new and much improved turned up to lift the European light welterweight title in one of the best fights ever staged at the Holiday Inn in the last ten years. Fulerton has had his ups and downs in the ring through injuries but has been consistant in his training throughout the years and proved it’s about training hard that dividends pay off. It certainly pad off for the ProKick fighter as he stopped Bo Desselbrine in the third round of the four round contest.Gary was too fast, too aggressive, too powerful and had a Thai-Tanic audience to spur him on. After ten years of kickboxing In front of a packed Holiday Inn ProKick’s Gary Fullerton is the new light welterweight WKN European champion.
WKN European Amateur  Middleweight Oriental Rules Title
Darren McMullan (ProKick NI) vs. Demetris Sarantopolous WIN RSC 3 round
This fight was like something out of a story book, David and Goliath. There was only a kilo of difference in the weight but the height was a different story as Darren McMullan towered over his Greek opponent. McMullan was also up against a current world champion but showed the smaller man no respect. In the opening round McMullan took the fight to the champion landing hard knees to the body and head and at one stage it looked as if it was a miss match.
In the second round Demetris showed why he is a champion as he took the fight to Darren fighting in the inside, hammering McMullan’s body with telling blows and clearly hurting the Ballygowan man. Third round Demetris was clearly back in the fight, as both fighters were taking no steps back in an all action thrilling third round. tThis was anyones fight. Fourth round McMullan caught the champion with some nice straight hands and was piling the pressure on, and hurt the champion. The fight was called to a sudden halt with the referee calling in the doctor as both men were covered in chocolate. It was unclear who was cut as the blood  was everywhere.
The doctor called a halt to the fight as he deemed Demetris un-fit to continue due to a nasty cut over his left eye.
Giving Darren Mc Mullan the WKN middleweight title. Darren said „Looking on paper that Demetris would be easy because of the height difference but that wasn’t the case, he was one of the toughest fighters I faced. And he was a true warrior to the end, and he didn’t want to stop but it was a bad cut he had over is eye, needing about 10 stitches. I want to thank everyone who helped me to get this title it’s onward and upward from here.“
WKN European Amateur Oriental Rules Title
Ursula Agnew (ProKick NI) WIN by point vs. Soundes Arif (The Netherlands)
Mum of one, Ursula Agnew faced an opponent that she was previously meant to fight and now Soundes Arif is probably wishing she didn’t weigh-in.  Ursula pushed the Dutch fighter from pillar to post in their four round title clash for the WKN light-weight amateur European title bout. Soundes was no walk over for Ursula. The Dutch fighter hit  back with good low kicks hurting the ProKick fighter on a couple of occasions, but Agnew fought back strong and it was clear to all at ringside that Ursula was the stronger and more aggressive fighter and wanted the tile more.
At the end of the match it was only going one way and that was in Ursula’s favour. Ursula Agnew the new light weight WKN Amateur champion.
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Other results in brief:
WKN European Light-weight Amateur Amateur Oriental Rules Title
Ursula Agnew (ProKick NI) WIN by points vs. Soundes Arif (The Netherlands)
WKN European Amateur Thai-Boxing Title
Johnny Smith (ProKick NI) vs.  Alexis Iordanides (Winner Stoppage Rd3) (Cyprus) WIN RSC 3 round
WKN British Amateur Full-Contact Rules Title
Mikey Shields (KickTec Scotland) vs. Jamie Bays (London) WIN RSC 4 round cut
WKN British Amateur Full-Contact Title
Davy Foster (ProKick NI) vs. Scott Bryant (London) WIN KO 2 round
Paul Best (ProKick NI) vs. Glenn Coert (The Netherlands) WIN KO 3 round
Three other ProKick Fighters who made their first appearance as a kickboxer on the under-card:
Darren Pope (ProKick NI) vs. David Ward WIN by point
Keith Shaw (ProKick NI) vs. Scott HalseyWIN KO 3 round
Amy-Lee Tonner WIN TKO 2 round vs. Olive McGrane (Athlone)
Name event: Thai – Tanic
Location: Holiday Inn, Belfast, Ireland
Open door: 5 p.m.
Start: 5.30 p.m.
As Belfast relived the wonderful 100 year-old story of Titanic, the greatest ship of them all, top Irish kickboxing stars will be adding to the occasion with a spectular THAI-TANIC event of their own.
The city will host THAI-TANIC Titles at the Holiday Inn on June 10, and it promises to be a riveting showcase, according to promoter and world kickboxing legend Billy Murray.
A proud east Belfast man who grew up in the shadow of the Harland and Wolff docklands where Titanic first set sail from in 1912, Murray was keen to see his Prokick Gym play a part in the ship’s fascinating tale.
He said: „We always have a theme for our shows that have been running for more than 25 years – and there’s no ignoring the theme for our wonderful city of Belfast in 2012, the Titanic.
„I grew up on stories on the great ship and now I am proud to associate our historic sport with one of the most gripping and enduring events in world history.
„We will have a special Titanic themed event in which the top Irish kickboxers will showdown with international class – and every fight will have a title on the line.“
Murray kicked off promotions for the June 10 THAI-TANIC event at the famous Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices, where Titanic was first drawn and planned, and on the doorstep of Belfast’s new visitor attraction, Titanic Belfast.
He He added: „There’s a real sense of pride in Belfast now about Titanic and being in those Drawing Offices leaves hair standing on the back of the your neck. It’s a proud occasion and Prokick fighters will make the city proud when they represent it in June.“
For more details about our THAI-TANIC event seal your way to WEBSITE or call the hot-line on +44 (0)28 9065 1074 or write a mail to Billy Murray